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Canada’s most populous city is home to 2,615,060 people and incredible arts, culture and recreation. When Toronto’s residents aren’t busy swimming in Lake Ontario, visiting the ROM or eating at some of the best restaurants in the world, they’re working hard on the Stock Exchange or at one of the city’s top financial firms.

Besides being an economic centre, Ontario’s capital city is home to many major sports franchises, historic sites and the headquarters of Canada’s national broadcast networks. With so much to do and see it’s no wonder that Torontonians are so busy.

But when they’re not watching the Blue Jays or fluctuations in the market, are the city’s residents ready for an emergency?

Training and Preparedness

As someone who operates a company – no matter the size – it is your job to ensure that your employees are prepared for a health emergency. This is where we come in.

Rescue 7 is the only national health and safety training company to provide all-encompassing corporate education. Our thorough safety programs are certified at the federal and provincial level and we have serviced over 8,000 corporations across the country. Furthermore, our comprehensive CPR, first aid and health and safety programs are designed to prepare your employees for emergencies like cardiac arrest, heart attacks and choking. With 250,000 participants across Canada, Rescue 7 is proud of our training modules and their effectiveness. Our goal is to provide you and your employees with the safety preparation needed to know exactly what to do in an emergency situation.

Top-rated Safety Equipment

Rescue 7 has market exclusivity for the HeartSine Samaritan PAD. As the only Canadian distributor for this product, we can confidently say that it is the most reliable and user-friendly Automated External Defibrillator (AED) available today. We’re also the sole North American retailer of the Evacusafe Chair, an evacuation device designed for mobility impaired individuals.

Furthermore, we show you how to use the top-rated safety equipment like the AEDs and chairs we provide. Knowing how to administer CPR is half the battle, and ensuring that you are correctly using the safety equipment is the other half. We would not be Canada’s most trusted health and safety training and equipment provider if we installed devices then left you to learn how to operate them, and we will not leave your Toronto facility until the people on your staff who will be responsible for the safety equipment can work it properly.

A Proud Ontario Company

When longtime Toronto area firefighter John Collie began Rescue 7 in 1999, his goal was to provide people with the best first aid training possible. As a firefighter, Mr. Collie has seen tragedy up close and has taken his health and safety expertise and parlayed it into one our country’s most respected companies. Our reach extends to the rest of Canada but we still remain a proud Ontario company that considers emergency preparedness a top priority.

Saving lives is a full-time job and with Rescue 7, you can guarantee that our full-time job will bring you peace of mind. Contact Rescue 7 today and we’ll provide your Toronto business with the safety equipment and training you need for a safer tomorrow.

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