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Rescue 7 Specializes in Health & Safety, First Aid Training and Life-Saving Equipment.

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Located on the banks of the South Saskatchewan River, Saskatoon is home to 257,300 people. Between the golf courses and trails, the city provides vibrant greenery for everyone to enjoy. The city boasts a strong arts and culture scene with the Mendel Art Gallery and a thriving musical community that is more than happy to put on a great show.

Being prepared for an emergency is an art in itself. In the event of an emergency, do you and your employees know what to do?

Training and Prevention

No matter if you are the proud owner of Saskatoon’s best pastry shop or the CEO of a globally traded conglomerate, you need to be prepared for everything. Rescue 7 is the only national health and safety training company in the country that provides full-service corporate training.

Our education programs cover everything from first aid to CPR to equipment usage. Our training programs are certified on the federal and provincial level, and we have had over 8,000 corporations across Canada benefit from our safety education training.

Top-rated Equipment

As the sole Canadian distributor of the HeartSine Samaritan PAD, we are pleased to provide this machine to our clients because it is a market-leading, reliable, user-friend device. This Automated External Defibrillator (AED) plays an important role in ensuring our clients are prepared for health emergencies.

Additionally, Rescue 7 has North American exclusivity on the the industry’s finest emergency evacuation device, the Evacusafe Chair. With the mobility impaired in mind, this chair is comfortable and easy to use in a moment of crisis.

More Than Typical Safety Preparation

While providing emergency equipment makes up a large bulk of our business, we will not just drop off machines and leave you to try and understand them. Our goal is to ensure that you not only receive the best safety equipment but that you and your employees know how to use it. Part of our training modules deal with teaching you how to correctly operate the equipment. It is important for us to know that when we leave you with an AED or evacuation chair, you know how it works and what to do with it should an emergency arise.

15 Years of Providing Peace of Mind

With over 250,000 participants in our health and safety programs over the years, Rescue 7 is pleased to teach our clients the difference between life-saving measures and tragedy. Since our beginnings in 1999, we have made it our mission to provide top-of-the-line safety training and equipment to businesses and community centres across the nation. Knowing that our clients are now prepared to handle everything from choking to heart attacks to cardiac arrest, is what makes us tick. For you, the client, we provide impeccable training and emergency equipment but most of all, we give you peace of mind.

Being prepared for an emergency is important. Contact Rescue 7 today so you can equip your Saskatoon office or business for tomorrow.

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