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Saint John

The largest city in New Brunswick is located on the north shore of the stunning Bay of Fundy. Saint John, Canada’s first incorporated city, has a population of 70,063 and boasts incredible attractions like the Cherry Brook Zoo, the famed Saint John City Market, Irving Nature Park, the New Brunswick Museum and the Reversing Rapids.

The aforementioned rapids are created by the force of the Bay of Fundy’s tides as they meet the waters of the mouth of the Saint John River leading them to reverse their flow. The Reverse Rapids are a natural wonder but when it comes to health and safety, there’s nothing natural about being unprepared. Whether you’re a local vendor at the city market or the CFO of one of Saint John’s large corporations, you need to have proper health and safety measures in place to protect your employees and your customers.

Industry Leading Health and Safety Training

Unlike the Reversing Rapids, you cannot reverse the effects of a crisis unless you are prepared. Heart attacks, cardiac arrest and choking occur without warning and it’s important that you and your staff receive the proper health and safety training to deal with the unforeseen.

This is where we come in.

Rescue 7 is the only national health and safety training company in Canada to provide thorough corporate training. Our emergency education programs are certified at the federal and provincial level and cover everything from airway management, advanced CPR, first aid and other life saving techniques. Rescue 7’s programs have seen 250,000 participants across the country and we’ve helped over 8,000 corporations become better prepared for an emergency.

15 Years of Quality Emergency Instruction

In 1999, longtime Toronto area firefighter John Collie decided that he wanted to communicate to the rest of the country the health and safety knowledge he’d gained after years on the job.

When he started Rescue 7, he aimed to provide adequate safety training to workplaces and community spaces across Canada, and Mr. Collie has done just that for 15 years. Furthermore, Rescue 7 aims to rectify the lack of safety equipment in businesses and community centres by providing top-line AEDs and evacuation devices.

The difference between saving a life and tragedy is having the proper training and equipment in place, and with Rescue 7 catastrophes can be avoided.

Life Saving Equipment

We are the exclusive Canadian distributor of the HeartSine Samaritan PAD. This is the most reliable and user-friendly Automated External Defibrillator (AED) on the market today and Rescue 7 is proud to offer this life saving device to our clients to ensure their safety. We’re also the exclusive North American distributor of the Evacusafe Chair, an evacuation mechanism designed to allow the mobility impaired to remain comfortable during a crisis.

Contact us so we can train your employees and equip your community space or office with high-calibre health and safety devices. Prepare your company today with Rescue 7 so you can save a life tomorrow.

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