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An estimated 1,731,245 people live in one of North America’s most culturally established cities. With the cobblestone streets of the Old Port to the bustling nightlife of downtown, to the big multi-national corporations that employ thousands, there’s a reason so many people call Montreal home.

Canada’s second-largest city is where you’ll find a bilingual population, a storied NHL franchise, French-style dining, and more than enough parks and green spaces. Whether you’re a native French-speaker riding the Metro to work or an out-of-towner taking in the Montreal International Jazz Fest, you want to feel safe. If you’re an owner of one of Montreal many businesses or operate a community space, you need to provide health and safety training to your employees to equip them for an emergency. So, how do you do that? You do that with Rescue 7.

Health and Safety Training You Can Trust

Rescue 7 is our country’s leading health and safety training corporation and the only national entity to offer full-service corporate emergency education. Our programs are certified provincially and federally and have helped over 8,000 corporations across the country learn CPR, first aid, and other life saving techniques. We believe that being prepared for emergencies like heart attacks, cardiac arrest and choking can mean the difference between safety and tragedy.

Our goal since 1999 has been to offer our clients comprehensive training and peace of mind. When you and your employees know how to actively administer CPR and other airway management means, you’ll be able to react quickly and safely in the event of a crisis.

Foolproof Emergency Equipment

Our emergency education programs have seen 250,000 participants across Canada, but that’s not all we do. Rescue 7 maintains exclusive Canadian distribution over the HeartSine Samaritan PAD. This Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is the most reliable on the market today.

Besides AEDs, we are also the sole North American distributor of the Evacusafe Chair, an evacuation device manufactured to help those with limited movement remain safe and comfortable during a disaster. Rescue 7 is not going to leave you with this equipment and wish you luck. We understand that emergency equipment can be overwhelming and difficult to operate if you aren’t trained. Because of this facet, we provide equipment training as well to ensure that you and your employees know how to correctly work the safety devices in the event of an emergency. We care about the wellbeing of our clients and recognize that knowing how to properly operate an AED is of equal importance as being able to administer CPR.

Montreal is a bustling city with many people constantly on the move. Unfortunately, emergencies can occur without warning and it’s always better to be safe with Rescue 7 than sorry without us.

Contact Rescue 7 today and we’ll help your Montreal business or community centre prepare for a safer tomorrow.

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