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Rescue 7 Specializes in Health & Safety, First Aid Training and Life-Saving Equipment.

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This Southwestern Ontario city has 366,151 residents and is the midway point between Toronto and Detroit.

Besides the Thames River, London boasts beautiful scenery like Victoria Park, Springbank Park and Westminster Ponds. It is also located at the junction of Highway 401 and 402, two major Ontario roadways that connect Toronto, Windsor and Sarnia.

London has its own international airport, several hospitals and two top-rated educational institutions, the University of Western Ontario and Fanshawe College. Whether you are the dean of the university or the director of the London public parks system, you need to ensure that your employees can handle an emergency situation should it occur.

Be Prepared with Rescue 7

We are Canada’s only national health and safety company to offer full-service corporate training. Our comprehensive training services allow you and your employees to learn how to deal with a health emergency and how to act accordingly to prevent tragedy.

Our training programs encompass everything from CPR to first aid to airway management. Rescue 7’s health and safety programs have helped over 8,000 corporations learn how to deal with heart attacks, cardiac arrest and choking.

Reliable Equipment, Reliable Training

Our company prepares yours to face emergency situations through not only health and safety training but with equipment training too. When we set up equipment in your workplace we don’t just leave it there so you can fend for yourself. We provide the necessary training so you know how to properly use the equipment.

We are the exclusive North American distributor for the Evacusafe Chair. This evacuation device is designed with the mobility impaired in mind to ensure that they are comfortable during an emergency. Additionally, Rescue 7 is the sole Canadian distributor of the HeartSine Samaritan PAD, the most reliable Automated External Defibrillator (AED) on the market.

Safety First Since 1999

When Rescue 7 CEO John Collie started the company in 1999, he wanted to impart his knowledge and expertise of health and safety to provide people with the training necessary to save lives in an emergency.

As a longtime Toronto firefighter, Mr. Collie discovered that lives are too often lost due to mediocre first aid training and safety and a lack of safety equipment in offices and community spaces. The goal of our company is to provide training, safety equipment and peace of mind for our clients.

For 15 years we’ve cultivated relationships with our clients to ensure that they’re prepared for an emergency situation and feel safe knowing that the training we’ve provided is second to none. Rescue 7’s mission is to help others and so far, we’ve succeeded.

No matter the size of your London business, you need to be prepared. Let Rescue 7 provide you with optimal training and safety equipment so that if a crisis occurs, you’re ready to handle it. Not having that knowledge puts your staff at a midway point between safety and tragedy. Contact us today and we’ll get you ready for a safer tomorrow.

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