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Rescue 7 Specializes in Health & Safety, First Aid Training and Life-Saving Equipment.

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Barrie is a city perfect for residents and tourists alike.

Gorgeous Lake Simcoe provides the backdrop for swimming, kayaking, canoeing and sunning on the shores of the many beaches in the summer, while Blue Mountain, Snow Valley and the other top-rated resorts bring skiers and snowboarders from all over in the winter. With 136,063 residents, numerous festivals and activities, Barrie truly is a destination for everyone looking to unwind, have fun and even raise a family.

Tourism plays a large role in this Central Ontario city’s economy because there’s something for everyone to do year round. Between the historic waterfront and buildings, the vibrant arts and culture scene, and the Community Sports Complex, there’s enough to keep residents and tourists busy.

Be Prepared with Safety Training

With an economy that relies heavily on tourism, it’s important that you and your employees are prepared for an emergency. Whether your business sees tourists daily or once a year, health emergencies like cardiac arrest, heart attacks and choking can occur without warning. However, after undergoing Rescue 7’s health and safety training programs, you’ll be ready for any crisis.

Our comprehensive training programs have helped over 8,000 corporations across Canada. We are the only national health and safety training company in the country that provides first aid education and the specialized equipment that goes with it.

The Best in the Industry

Our federally and provincially certified training programs have seen 250,000 participants (and counting). However, it doesn’t end after our professional first aid technicians teach you and your employees how to properly administer CPR. We also teach you how to you understand and correctly use the emergency equipment we provide.

Rescue 7 is the exclusive Canadian distributor of the HeartSine Samaritan PAD, an easy to use Automated External Defibrillator (AED) that is one of the best on the market. Additionally, we are the sole North American distributor of the Evacusafe Chair. This evacuation device was designed for those with limited mobility, allowing them to remain comfortable during an emergency.

15 Years of Helping Canadians Stay Safe

When John Collie, Rescue 7’s CEO, decided to start the company in 1999 he had one goal in mind: Keep Canadians prepared should they encounter a health emergency. As a longtime firefighter in the Toronto area, Mr. Collie noticed that the difference between safety and tragedy is due to inadequate first aid training and a complete lack of safety equipment in business and community facilities. For 15 years, Rescue 7 has provided health and safety training and the emergency devices necessary to save lives in the event of a crisis.

Knowing CPR, first aid and oxygen administration therapy actually saves lives. Contact Rescue 7 today so we can equip your Barrie office or community centre with emergency devices to prevent a tragedy tomorrow.

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