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Posted by | 26-09-2016
Weekly Review: September 19th-25th

We are so excited to be involved with the Dave Mounsey Memorial Fund and their awesome Dancing with the Stars event! Click below for more information. Megan Crockett, a Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacist, recently put her first aid training to use and quite possibly saved a life. This is why education is so important! Read her story: “I put my CPR training to use last night. We were in the front stage area at a Toronto music festival and a young girl nearby went down unconscious at the very end of the show. Security had no idea what to do while waiting for EMS to arrive so I offered to help. It wasn’t a heroic effort on my part by any means but I went through the ABC’s and once I determined she was breathing, I put her in the recovery position and tried to talk to her.  She actually responded… Read More

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